Patient Reviews :


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We have listed a few dental "review websites" for YOUR review.  Every business strives for 100% 5 star ratings, but we are realistic and know no matter how hard we try, there are going to be people whom we just can not please.  Most other Dentists in the area do not have Review links on their sites, or just list a few "reviews" by patients they have "hand-picked".  Many Dentists use review sites in which they pay for listings and reviews, where the reviews are done by only their best patients. Such ratings are done by companies such as : "Rate A Biz" and "DemandForce".  Basically the "review business" has now become Big $ in the US - its a real shame.

We have nothing to hide, we strive to do out best everyday, and firmly believe we are the best dental office in Dodge County !!  The following websites have received no $ from our office for the reviews.