Dental Cleanings :

Adult Cleanings :

Level 1 Cleanings : This is the normal " Optimum " dental cleaning we perform in our office.  Approximately 95% of our adult patients request this type of cleaning as it is the most thorough type of dental cleaning.  At your appointment, the dental hygienist will remove all tarter & plaque above and below the gum line.  This will involve the cleaning of all tooth surfaces and may involve the use of an ultrasonic scaler.   This is the default and best type of cleaning an adult can receive at our office.

Level 2 Cleanings : This is a less thorough " Simple " dental cleaning.  Approximately 5 % of our adult patients have very sensitive roots and gum tissue, or are very scared of dental treatment of any kind.  These patients will request this type of cleaning.  We will make every effort to remove the plaque & tarter, but will do it in a manner which involves less pain.  Obviously, by cleaning in a way like this, we may not be able to clean off every bit of tarter in a single visit.

Child & Teen Cleanings :

Kids and Teens ALWAYS receive gentle cleanings.   At these ages it is very uncommon to see large buildups of plaque & tarter.


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