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Comfortable : Now METAL FREE ! 

Photo Lower Partial Denture 


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If you are missing one or more teeth and are looking into replacement options, luckily you have plenty of choices.  With TCS non-metal flexible partials you do not have to worry about a partial compromising your smile anymore.  Today, breakthroughs in dental technology gives the dentist a great deal to offer you.  When it comes to deciding on a replacement, many things are considered : cost, procedure time, esthetics, etc.  Many patients do not want the unreliability of temporary appliances such as flippers, ugly partials such as acrylic with metal clasps, or expensive options like implants that require surgery and long healing periods.  TCS Flexible Partials may be the ideal choice for you.


The old-fashioned acrylic denture bases are hard, they can be uncomfortable, and they can break.  Because they're thick and rigid, patients find them difficult to get used to.  In addition, partials that contain metal clasps can be unsightly, causing many patients to feel self-conscious about the way they look.  Metal clasp partials are becoming increasingly undesirable to patients who want to limit the amount of metal in their mouth.   TCS partials are manufactured in the USA !

  • TCS manufactures non-metal base materials used to fabricate flexible partials.  The material offers exceptional functionality, aesthetics and comfort.  By using a flexible base, the partials adapt to the natural contours of the mouth.  
  • TCS helps dentists create natural-looking and comfortable partial dentures so you can look and feel your best.  
  • TCS Partials are the beautiful, comfortable choice for partial dentures that virtually disappear in the mouth.
  • TCS has a line (TCS Fresh) of maintenance products that will help keep your appliance looking and feeling like new.


Benefits of TCS Flexible Partials:

Thin, flexible, lightweight, durable and extremely comfortable partial dentures.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable: TCS thermoplastics have properties that allow partials to be fabricated very thin without compromising durability, making them very comfortable for the patient.
  • Aesthetic: TCS flexible partials blend naturally with the surrounding tissue and gums. A well designed and fabricated TCS restoration will be virtually unnoticeable in the patient's mouth.
  • BiocompatibleTCS partials are biocompatible, making them ideal for patients who are allergic to monomers found in conventional acrylic partials.
  • Contain NO BPAs
  • Affordable: Patients searching for an aesthetic solution without the cost associated with crowns, bridges, or implants can benefit from this type of restoration without compromising aesthetics
  • Flexible: TCS partials offer the ideal degree of flexibility, and patients find the adjustment period much smoother when compared to conventional partial dentures. 
  • Non-Invasive: Unlike permanent tooth replacement options, such as crowns, bridges, and implants; TCS partials are non-invasive, making them ideal for patients with a low threshold for pain and the elderly.  The unique characteristics of TCS thermoplastics utilize tissue undercuts and portions of the abutment teeth for retention. 



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